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...the key to building successful classrooms and successful students.
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Why do we teach?

Each of us has chosen to become a teacher for different reasons, but at the heart of that decision was the desire to help children grow into productive citizens. This noble and honorable decision guides our actions and directs our own personal growth. Helping Teachers Grow helps by providing classroom management training and classroom management tools for teachers across the curriculum.

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take back that class! - the original two part video series that has already helped hundreds of teachers create simple and effective class management and behavior management systems
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"Take back that class - how I learned to love teaching all over again!" - the book inspired by the overwhelming response to the class management videos
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"take back that class - Online!"
a self-paced six week online training seminar that is already helping teachers across the globe with their behavior management - this seminar includes thirteen new class management videos, the "take back that class" novel, private coaching, and more...
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- a note from Darren Barkett, the creator of Helping Teachers Grow

I have been where you are. I know what you are feeling. I understand the frustration of not being able to reach your students, of not being able to connect with them and help them grow. I feel your pain, and I want you to know that you have found the help you need to continue growing as a teacher.

There was a time when I lost my temper with my students nearly every day. I would sit in my car before the school day had started, trying to work up the nerve to enter the building just one more time. There were many days that I thought about turning right around and going home.

Luckily, I had someone looking out for me. This principal saw me struggling and gave me the opportunity to receive classroom management training, training that wasn't difficult to implement or even modify as I grew as a professional.

Now, fourteen years later, I can honestly say that I haven't lost my temper even once since I took that classroom management course! I manage my classes now with an even temperment. I can laugh with my students while they laugh with me. My students genuinely feel comfortable in my classes. I have the least number of student referrals to the office of anyone in my school. And I finish each day feeling successful and relatively stress-free.

I am successful today as a teacher, solely because I got help managing a classroom. Without that assistance, I would have been yet another teacher who quit within three years of entering the profession.

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